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Welcome to Apex Advisory Board

The Apex Advisory Board, was created to be the “shadow government” of Council 22 and is comprised of former CAPSTONE Leadership, although it is an autonomous organization.  This Board’s primary purpose is to maintain the tone, mission, and vision of C22, which is founded on Illuminati ideals. It’s secondary purpose is leadership development for the Initiates, and support for those who feel called to a higher place among their peers.

Additionally, team is also responsible for maintaining the integrity of the C22 by supporting Council 22’s Capstone Leads & mentoring General Managers through transition, hardships or illness. It is not unusual to see one of us temporarily stepping in, to fulfill the needs of the Council.

Participation on Apex, is by invitation only.

This Board consists of Initiates with proven leadership abilities who stand on the ready, to help those who have an earnest desire to follow in our footsteps, until they are ready to blaze their own trails. If you are new to this outreach, you can trust these Initiates to give you accurate Illuminati information.

Please see our Ethics & Expectations page for more detail.





The Apex Advisory Board invites your questions about the Illuminati, their Globalist Agenda and our Initiate Outreach. Our blog has been created to answer your inquiries, while archiving them for future Initiates who seek the same information.



Apex is not a feather to be added to someones cap. Their wings must already exist, to fly with us~

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