Ethics Expectations & Rules of Engagement


Participation in AAB is not a given.

It is by invitation only.

After honorably & impeccably completing their term of service with integrity, many who have held Council 22 Capstone positions, are invited to participate on this advisory board. Only the most trustworthy and loyal are invited to join AAB. Please note: Even if someone is not invited as soon as their term has ended, that does not mean we are not watching them for inclusion later.

Because the focus of this Board is primarily on ongoing leadership and mentorship, only those suited to the role are invited to participate. We invite those who’s public and personal life are congruent. We do not believe character is a part time expression.

An appointment is by majority vote, although the senior co-chair of this board, has the power to veto a candidate. This is a permanent position, so as long as the members remain in a healthy relationship with c22, the other members of this body, and conduct themselves in a manner that is alignment with the ethics, ideals and tenets of the Illuminati. Anyone who does not continue to act with character and integrity in all areas of their life, is removed from service and quietly placed on indefinite suspension or terminated entirely, depending on the severity of violation and track record with the network. We understand that even good folks misstep, so we look to overall trends, when deciding who becomes and who remains, a member of this Board.

Not all members remain active, depending on what is going on in their personal and professional lives. Each members current status, is posted for your convenience on this page. We are not involved in the day to day operation of the Council, unless otherwise stated on our Welcome page.



Please note:

We adhere to the same Ethics, Expectations and Rules of Engagement as that of C22. Although to a more stringent standard due to the mentor-ship nature of this Board. Additionally, those who end up in Apex from the same family (married or blood) can cast only one vote as a team, to avoid consolidation of power. The senior member is responsible for casting the vote, unless they are on an inactive status. Any potential conflict of interests that arise, will be addressed swiftly by the Co-Chairs.





AAB operates by the strictest possible standards. Those who do not continue to behave with integrity are removed. We have a ZERO tolerance for those who cause conflicts or grief for the other members of this Board, C22 or their fellow Initiates at large. We remove those who do not maintain the standards of this body, with alarming swiftness and often in silence.


All Questions, Comments & Feedback regarding C22 specifically, should be directed to current Capstone Chief of Operations, Jamaal Ingraham aka DJ JAM.