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Apex Advisory Board was established in 2017 and went active in January 2018.

The following is a list of our Apex Advisors and their current status. All ACTIVE Advisors can be contacted for advice & encouragement.



iVy Taroc aka V~


c22 Founder/Inaugural Capstone CEO 2017/Founder & Executive Lead -Apex Advisory Board 2018-2019



Evangelight and Scribe, V is the founder of Council 22, Apex Advisory Board and   iM🔺RK Radio™️. Her status varies, depending on the needs of those she serves, and her availability. Apart from helping c22 leadership transition into their new roles, she is busy with other projects. She addresses all Initiates, via iVyTaroc.com or on V’s VOX on iMARK. She is currently writing a book in which she shares her experience as an Initiate of the Illuminati -due out later this year.

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Richard Scherer aka Papa Fred


GM Linguistics & Communications 2017/Capstone Chief of Operations 2018/Apex Advisory Board Member & Mentor 2018-2019


“Papa” is a founding member of Linguistics, having come to us via Ambassador of Initiates. He went on to General Manager of Ling/Comm and straight into the Capstone, as Council 22s CEO. The council was extremely stable under his direction and a number of changes were made that improved the overall functionality of this committee. He was an avid supporter of iMark Radio since it’s inception, and inspired a tradition of support, still active today.

Papa is an excellent mentor and is always available to mentor others, as time permits. Please note he has a very busy professional life and makes every attempt to respond as quickly as his grueling schedule permits.  When able,  he issues his thought’s from Papa’s Desk. A blog dedicated to sharing his lifelong wisdom with others, featured to the right >

This is how Papa describes his day job: “I am a Sr Construction Superintendent – I renovate Large Hotel Project around the USA and some other countries, usually Hilton’s, Marriott’s and other High end Hotels.. Basically I am the Boss/Jefe.”

Papa is blogging now!

Please look to the right on most pages here at Apex to gain access >

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Pep Barretta


Ambassador of Initiates/GM of Linguistics/Capstone Executive Director of Development 2017/Apex Advisory Board Team Mentor 2018-2019


Peppe predates Council 22, when the Beta Test for Linguistics (Ambassador of Initiates, no longer endorsed or affiliated with c22) was initiated under the direction of V,  and founded by former c22 member, Brother White.

Many of c22s best and brightest have come from our Ling/Com team, something they all can be quite proud of. Peppe has served this council faithfully and honorably, in every position he has held. He is a consistently positive influence on all he works with.

Peppe lives in Italy. He is well connected internationally, and an active business man in the oil trade representing Div. Petroli Ode holding-Cons. Nuova Pertoli. Dir. FAIB Confesercenti Napoli Fed. Italiana Benzinai, ex rossopomodoro Na.

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Brad Adams


Founder Anti-Fraud 2017/GM Anti-Fraud & Quality Control 2017/Executive Director of Anti-Fraud 2018/Capstone 2018/HONORARY Apex Advisory Board Member 2018-2019


 Brad is the single most important Initiate of all time.

He has been invaluable in creating and maintaining a security system around this public outreach. He absolutely detests fraud and he along with his team of hidden hands, take great pleasure in hunting scammers down, and having them removed from social media.  Brad has been such a tremendous presence in c22, and his leadership so unwavering,  he was promoted to the Capstone as a permanent fixture on Council 22,  during Papa Fred’s reign. Additionally, he was promoted to Apex Advisory Board as an HONORARY member, due to his ongoing excellence in service to others.

“I am Brad Adams the first ever General Manager of the Anti Fraud Team. The Anti Fraud Team was formed first as a recruitment tool to ensure that those seeking the Light, are not taken advantage of.  It has blossomed into much more than recruitment. We in anti fraud work in the shadows, to protect those seeking the Light.  I find it hard to talk about myself. I always let my actions speak for me they usually speak louder than words. Like papafred I work in construction have multiple skills that I apply. From welding to art. Have an associates degree in public relations, and bachelor’s in applied technology. My sense of security comes from my experiences in the military. My ability to speak about hardships and be able to relate is from me already have gone through them and others many have never experienced.”


Due to the nature of his role, Brad’s position with c22 is the only one that has no expiration date.


Recognized by Project-Illuminati an Initiate produced online Magazine

Our Motto:



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Christine Ingraham


C22 Ling-Comm 2017/C22 Executive Director of Communications 2018/Capstone Chief of Operations 2018/Apex Advisory Board Member 2019


Christine is senior co-manager, and a mentor for the Ling/Comm team . She is also oversees the administration of the new Council 22 Intake Quiz, which she designed to ensure every participant knows their mission and what is expected of them.

Nikki holds a Bachelors in Psychology and speaks, reads and writes English, Spanish and Italian, fluently.  She started our on the Ambassador of Initiates Linguistics Team and has risen through the ranks because of her excellent personal and profession ethics. She is a strong unwavering leader and absolutely understands the stated mission of this Council.  Under her direction, the Social Relations Team was completely resurrected and has gone on to become the best team of it’s type, c22 has ever seen. She is absolutely on track to join the Apex Advisory Board, at the end of her term.

Christine is also a periodic contributor to iM🔺RK as Nikki Cee. When time permits in her busy schedule, she delivers sound advice for our consideration and implementation.

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Former Apex Members

Petros Regos


C22 Ling-Comm 2017/GM Ling-Comm/Executive Director of Communications 2018/Capstone Chief of Operations 2019/Apex Advisory Board Member 2019
“Pete” is no stranger to languages, so he is a perfect fit to co-manage, and mentor the Ling/Comm team in his role as Executive Director of Communications for Council 22. 
He has worked his way up from Ambassador of Initiates into leadership for Ling/Comm. He served as their General Manager  and we are thrilled to have him in the Capstone Clan, as he continues to oversee those who translate for C22 as well as AAB. His team has provided 15 translations thus far, of the Globalist Agenda featured on Ask Apex. Additionally, he operates a Facebook awareness page for the Initiates.
“I was born in Thessaloniki Greece, moved to the United States in 1982 – in 2017 I had a terrible accident and that is the time when the Light found me. My 3rd eye was opened about the time when the Illuminati outreach was starting out, and I received the Illuminati invitation to join. This is when I had a clear direction about serving humanity.
I met my fiancée Sophia when I was a GM in the Linguistics team, and this is when my desire to mentor and lead others to help them reach their full potential and be what they could be not as they should be started evolving from inside of myself, the same I would like to relate to everyone reading this message.
Every great accomplishment always starts as a single thought in someone’s mind and I want to encourage you, and others to nurture that ability as they pass it on to future generations, this is what expands our Universe.
It is possible to build our future on Love, compassion and empathy, it starts with each and every one of us by making one small step towards that direction.”

Thank you for your service Pete!!